Ordination & Vocations


Ordination (or orders) is the public celebration of those who have been called to a special ministry of service to the community. In a special way, the Church, the ecclesial body of Christ, asks for God’s blessing on those who will be a special sign of Christ’s presence to all the people of God. The “orders” of those who have been called to serve are deacon, priest and bishop. Each has a distinct and different ministry to God’s people for which different rites are celebrated in this sacrament. It is a sacrament that symbolizes in a special way one’s baptismal call to serve.

There are many resources for those seeking to learn more about becoming a priest or deacon or joining the consecrated life, such as the following:

Diocese of Metuchen Vocations: 

The Office of Vocations provides two basic services to the Diocese of Metuchen. First, it takes care of the education and formation of her seminarians, this includes pastoral visits to each of those young men studying for the Diocese of Metuchen every semester. Second, the Office assists young men and women who may be hearing the call to serve within the Diocese and empowers parishes to find candidates that will make good and holy priests, sisters and brothers. 

For more information, contact the Parish Office  908-475-2559
or contact the Office of Vocations at the Diocese of Metuchen (732) 562-2457.