Liturgy of Funeral/Christian Burial

Particularly at this time, while it is difficult to gather due to the Corona Virus, it is important to stress the importance of a funeral mass.  

The Church, Father Charles and the staff of St. Patrick and St. Rose of Lima will help to answer any of your questions and concerns and work with your family to choose readings, hymns and prayers for the sacred Liturgy of the Funeral Mass and Christian Burial.   Please reach out to the parish office with any questions (908)475-2559.

At the heart of our faith is the death and resurrection of Christ, which frees us from sin and death.  For those baptized into the death and resurrection of Jesus, death is not the end.  Catholic funerals express our faith in Jesus' resurrection and hope for our own resurrection.  There are many reasons for a Catholic funeral but the two most important are; to pray for the salvation of the deceased person and to lead the persons' loved ones from grief to a deeper faith in the resurrection.